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TARGET SPORTS since 2003. A casual clothing brand in TAIWAN.We really take pride in our cordial hospitality toward our customers, and we aim for top quality in our products. We insistence and believe as our everlasting managerial goals. Simple! Comfortable! Reasonable! There is many consumers' favorite as well. Polo-shirts and T-shirts are our main products, 100% cotton fabric, prettying and interesting design, current trend and high quality. And we produce more than 100 graphic of T-shirts at a season. Every product is designed by our team. TARGET SPORTS is a popular brand between the young people.
“Provides high quality, and reasonable price of the casual wear for all people.”

target sports始於2003年,一直以來秉持著顧客至上的精神,提供給每位進門的顧客最好的服務與商品。 簡單、舒適、平價一直是target堅持的原則,這也是target深受消費者喜愛的原因。 店內裝潢以白色系為主,營造出乾淨簡潔的感覺,提供顧客在明亮舒適的空間中逛街選購,而POLO衫跟T-shirt為target的主力商品,純棉的材質、精緻富有趣味的設計、細膩的剪裁,提供高品質、低價位又具有時尚概念的商品,廣受好評。 target sports的服飾運用豐富的色彩及簡潔鮮明附有個性的LOGO,圖案不受拘束,風格大膽鮮明,饒富趣味的赤子之心。 每一件單品都彷彿一件藝術品,低調鋪設出新世代人的穿著品味規範。




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